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Appetizers & Soups


Whenever enjoying a meal with friends, it is ideal to have the chance to let time go by while pleasuring on a smaller and delicious portion of one of our appetizers.



Fish Croquettes                $8.50
Homemade Fish Croquettes served with Aioli Mayonnaise.

Fried Calamaries                $6.50


Coconut Shrimp                $9.50 




Fried Yuca                          $6.00
Served with a Parsley and 

Mayo Sauce.

Chicken Wings                   $9.00
Fried Chicken Wings

 with Blue Cheese

Ceviche                             $12.50
Only on Fridays,
Saturdays and Sundays. 




Chicken Soup                    $4.75
Vegetable Soup                $4.75

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